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I have the MTH 20-96273 & 20-93699 on order from a LHS. The question I have is, shipping on the Boxcar says Feb 2017 & the tank car said Jan 2017. But these cars have not shipped yet. Does anyone have any idea why? Also have plans of ordering the 20-95224, but might pass yet because the other 2 haven't shipped yet.

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Rocky Mountaineer posted:

The dates you're seeing are likely the ETA's that haven't been updated.  No clue what the delay is, but that's all par for the course these days.  My suggestion:  order what you want from a reliable dealer (LHS or forum sponsor), and they'll charge your credit card and ship when stuff arrives.  


Well the LHS I go to generally orders quite a few of the same car and are very reliable. That's where I usually go to get new cars. But for me, I'm not really interested in new cars to purchase unless it's something I can't live without and that's like these First Responders cars. I have the 911 & 5642 premiere versions, I just want the cars to go with the engines.

I pre-order almost everything from my LHS. My experience with MTH orders is that they are generally within maybe one to three months of their listed ship dates. Of course, there are exceptions and a couple of items I ordered were delayed by a year or more. I don't recall, but they may have revised the ship dates on the long delayed ones. Most have been within just a few months though.

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