I currently follow JDstucks, Eric's trains.  Sometimes I'll watch bobots trains and others that are not o scale.   What other good channels out there is worth watching?  I like reviews and layout updates mostly
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you can follow my channel LI Train. I have posted some video of train action on the TMB club layout. There are 6-7 videos now but will have more later in the year when the club resumes operation (we currently focused on Building and scenery

against my better judgment, because this might get deleted.


toyman television






to name a few. 

I have about 100 videos on my channel....videos of my layout and our modular group.


search: rutlandmilk on You Tube.



Mine is small, but I have a video in the works. The link to my channel is below. You can also watch PGHtrainFanatic, Sean's Train Channel, Firehawk 1218, Bill Yates, and many others. All great channels.

I would say check Janis Roguskie,, You Tube Channel, 100%  O Gauge Model Railroading.

Published May 25, 2015   She does some excellent how too videos, Like how to built a water tower. 

I'd like to see more o-gauge "how-to" videos on youtube.  It's great to get ideas and see others working wiring, scenery, modifying, upgrading, etc.  You can pick up a fresh or different approach on "how-to" or "how-not-to".  Those are the links I'd like to have more.

You can check out my YouTube channels.  I have done a few how-to's (projects) as well as the many layout videos of mine and others.  More will follow soon.  Don't forget to "subscribe and like" as that seems to be important to the youtube search engines.  I'm going to do the same for the great ones above.

This is a good topic in my opinion, I don't shoot tube but watch a lot here and there. I'll have to see about subbing to more of the above folks as I only currently follow a few here.

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