Just wanted to update everybody that donated   This is the first time I have used GoFundMe and might be my last   It has been a nightmare trying to withdraw the funds but I believe after about 100 emails and conversations it is finally in the process  I have closed the account so it will not accept anymore donations.  The Toy Train Museum wont discuss the designs until they get a check   So hopefully as soon as it hits the club account our esteemed Treasurer Al will cut a check and send it on its way to Pennsylvania.  Still hoping the dedication ceremony in October will be doable.  I will continue to update everybody as we go.

Thank you thank you thank you to all that have donated to this


Moving along  The Museum sent me a suggested layout   The bricks are not staggered as we had thought before  They are straight and in line   The layout they sent was way too busy and Marty's name was lost in a bunch of graphics and too small 

This is what they sent back 



 I modified theirs and came up with this   I sent it back to them and will wait to hear

Bricks take5


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