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If it is just small stuff, you might try Minuteman Scalecoat.  

If it is larger, the same might apply.    However, afterwards, I have over-sprayed with Dullcoat or satin finish.   Dullcoat (flat finish) seems to work best to cover slight shade differences and blend it all together.

Minuteman bought the Scalecoat paint line from Weaver when Weaver closed shop.    They have a website and do ship.    My LHS, P&D Hobbies used to stock, but unfortunately the P&D owner died adn the shop has closed.

Hi Ed,

I've used Badger Modelflex acrylics for years with good results.  To match MTH PRR DGLE I use a mix of 4 parts Engine Black, 1 part Weathered Black, and 1 part Brunswick Green.   

Pictured below is an example with my RK K4s.  The pilot and cylinders repainted with the mixture described above.  The rest of the model is stock MTH DGLE.



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