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I bought a set of GGD NYC Empire State Express passenger cars and the observation car needed some work with the rear lighting and roof.  I created a new rear light for the roof with my 3D printer and then carefully trimmed it to fit.  I filled gaps with putty and have primed and sanded it twice.  The rear roof is plastic even thought the sides and larger section of the roof are aluminum.   The challenge I have is the paint to match the roof.

What strategies have been used to try to color match the paint?  Have people used the 'big box' home improvement store paint matching and what paint have you used?  What about automotive shops?  What type of paint for plastic?  Mixing yourself?



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If you have an airbrush. I’d look at the companies that specialize in military models. They are meant to go on plastic models. I know Mission Models has multiple colors of aluminum. Tough to look at a color chart on the internet and figure out what you need and it can get expensive using trial and error.
Tamiya may be more easily found at a local hobby shop. It is available in spray cans. Again. Getting a perfect match is hard. You may have to settle for close enough.

The problem here is those cars were colored (painted, anodized??) to try and replicate stainless. They aren’t natural aluminum and too bronze color to match stainless.

I would start out with a solvent based silver paint and start adding drops of brass paint until it appears close. I doubt you will find an exact match in a rattle can.


Thanks for the information so far.  I do have an air brush,  I should have mentioned that.  

I see the bronze in the silver which is what is telling me I will not find a color 'off the shelf'.  I probably need to paint the entire roof one color that is close to what is was originally and call it done.  I can start with painting some other plastic parts with a 'silver with brass' mixture and see how close I can get it.

I checked with GGD and due to age they do not have spare parts or even something close to start from.  I then decided to use the 3D printer to create the hollow cylinder and hopefully paint to match.

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