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I have two electric locos in need of pantograph help.  The first is a Williams E60  For those of you familiar with these locos you know the unique pantographs are prone to issues.  I intend to repaint this Amtrak version into a fantasy GN Big Sky Blue electric.  I looking to replace my pantographs, if anyone has some of the Williams pantographs I would be interested in two of them. In lieu of the Williams pantograph I would also use an Atlas AEM 7 pantograph to replace the damaged Williams units, I already have one of these so I would only need one.

The second is a Lionel PRR 8551 EP5.  It has both pantographs but neither will stay up. The first picture shows the current position of both.  The second shows the rear pantograph extended, the third shows a K-line GG1 pantograph with springs.  I know I've seen some Lionel pantographs with short springs but I don't see the little tabs for that type of spring.  Anyone know how to correct this issue or do I need new pantographs?



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Coach if you have the same pantographs that Lionel used on the Penn Central GG1 they had a flat spring to hold it up on the bottom which broke. I sent mine back to Lonel in Mt Clemens and was sent a new pair but that was back around 1989 which was a long time ago. You can try buying tension  springs in ebay but new pantographs would be the best fix. If you need springs for the Williams E60 I used Giraffe car springs with success. A small dot of super glue on a pin will prevent the spring from flying off.

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