pantographs on my 20-5638-1 Swiss Crocodile won't cycle

I have a 20-5638-1 MTH Swiss Crocodile whose pantographs are misbehaving. In one direction everything is fine. The rear pantograph raises properly. However , in the opposite direction the rear pantograph won't raise. It just sits there. I have unlocked it from it's locked position, but no movement at all. The other pantograph works fine. Any help would be appreciated. Reach me at

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Surprised that no one answered you.  I assume that the pantograph logic for the crocodile is the same as the GG1.

First, on the remote make sure that pantograph operation is set to AUTO.

If that doesn’t do it, I would do a factory reset, which should bring everything back to original.

If nothing else, responding pushes your post to the top.  Maybe someone with Crocodile experience will jump in.


If you can take the shell off and see if any wires are broken and look at the mechanism to see if the rubber o ring or belt top operate pantograph is broken. You can take the mechanism off of the shell and see if the gears are bound up. I had this problem with a GG1 and used a little oil and made the gears go back and forth with my finger nail. Don't get any oil on electrical stuff. LOL Once it moves smooth the motor should turn gears to turn belt and move pantographs.

The most often part I replace is the drive belt, but that usually manifests itself with partial operation.  If there's no movement of any kind, I suspect I'd have to agree with George, it'll have to come open to see what's going on.

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