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Interesting concept, just in case it's not clear:  It's not like Clever Models where you buy a printed paper structure kit.

What you purchase is a .pdf file to create these kits.  It's up to the purchaser to print the kit.  You can print it out on your own printer or take it to a copy center to be printed.  The good thing is you can then print however many you want.

Personally, right now I have a hard enough time folding paper to fit into an envelope...


We had a "Model Challenge" at our monthly Turkey Creek NMRA division meeting, so I assembled a 28' semi trailer.  Couldn't just plop it on the table, so I also included my DAF paper truck I have shared on this forum before (What Did You Do On Your Layout Today - 4/21/21), some pallets, and I printed a couple of warehouse walls from  The Model Challenge was max 12"x12" footprint, so that's why the square display.  (See attached pics)  The model challenge was a fun commitment with a deadline that made me try some things.   Few if any people had seen or heard about paper semi trailers before.

The Team Track Models 28' trailer took me maybe 10 hours?  This is the first one I have tried.  I used paste onto mat board as they suggested, but I used CA gel superglue for all the joints vs white glue.  I used 1/2" grey sprinkler piping cut into 1/2" slices for the tires - much less work than making the tires from paper, and the outer diameter is within 0.02" of the model.  I still used the outer tire photo and pasted on the tube.  I also substituted 1/8" square balsa pieces, black-ink-markered, for the landing gear and the bumper structure.  Much simpler than layering paper to make those structures.  I am very happy with the trailer - it is sturdy and looks great from a little ways back (seams are not perfect - I made the best alignments all on one side for display purposes).  My intention is for these paper trucks and trailers to be background models, but frankly the Team Track trailer could be up front.  It looks very good.  Mine has realistic rust weathering because the straight edge metal scale I was using rubbed rust off onto the sides.  Once I saw that, I liked it and rubbed some more!



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Yes they have some very nice models available. I have purchased a few and tinkered with them to see how I could use them for O scale and to go with 1/43 scale trucks. Here are some mockups. With the BN Green I just printed the sides out to the size of a toy trailer and used double sided tape to attach the sides. They look sharp. I print on photo paper and give it a coat of clear coat after it is dry.  It is shown next to a Lionel Trailer a lot more expensive but really nice.

And I have tried these on a set of AMT 1/43 wheels. I have tried to modify the print file to make it bigger for 1/43 scale as in the Coke trailers.

Also Walmart has some really cheap toy truck and trailers available for about $5 I have picked up some to use the basic frames and wheels etc. to put the printed body over.

They also by request produced a custom trailer railway scheme for our model rail club.

The 3 axle trailers shown I picked up are New Ray toy trailers 1/43 old ones that I was going to take the wheels off of to make 2 axle trailer wheels for the paper printed sides. They are a lot more $ then the Walmart cheap trucks but the wheels and frame parts are lot nicer.



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