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IMG_7562IMG_7561I have a very good friend who is a retired Royal Australian Air Force Air Vice marshal. He was a Wing Commander engineering officer working on the F-111 buy and mutual friends put him in touch with me in 1972 and we operated HO on my layout. He recently revisited Fort Worth and he graciously visited my “O scale/Hi Rail” carpet layout in Fastrak, which he termed a “parlour layout.” Well here is a hazard - a lizard which expired at trackside. I had moved the body of the lizard but originally the tail was under the wheels of a reefer … just like Dudley Moore’s layout in the movie ARTHUR. Can 18v AC kill a lizard?!?


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Well, licking your hands and grabbing the posts of a 12 volt - 1000 amp truck battery isn't going to kill you either nor will 18 volts hurt you or a lizard.  Around 50 volts or so is about where I feel the Electrical tingle and at 70 volts is where my involuntary reaction kicks in to move away from what's hurting me.  You need enough volts to make good conductivity through your body and then the amount of amps will determine the level of death depending on the size of the creature also.

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I once found one of those geckos in the box for my MTH passenger set.  The thing was so dehydrated it was actually brittle!  Not being from Texas I wasn't sure if it was hibernating, or venomous.  It turned out to be neither, just curious, harmless, and very dead!

The real question Griff... can it save you money on car insurance!?  :-D

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