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I have a Southern RS3 from back in the day. Number 6-28822. I'm considering an upgrade so I can run it with the new LC+ 2.0 version I ordered but it needs a new powered truck.

The original truck isn't available anymore so I thought maybe I could cross reference to a newer RS3. The part numbers don't match exactly. I was wondering if there is a structure to the part numbers to explain why some of the part numbers mater but not the whole part number.

Bonus round: If you know the equivalent part number for powered truck 620-8843-101 or the numbers for the gears, let me know

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I would check out # 680-3625-570. For LionChief, This may be a better match. X# 630-8249-101.

I am watching this. Particularly because I would like to get an LC+2.0 board to upgrade my old RS3. I do have some doubts about being able to buy one though.

@SteveH posted:

Bill, I would second your request for knowing what system is used in Lionel's parts naming convention.  Although there does seem to be some sort of method to it, it's unclear what that may be and also seems to be somewhat inconsistent. 

I started a spreadsheet on lunch yesterday looking at my old RS3, an unpowered RS3, and an LC+ RS3. Hopefully that will help me decipher it. They look to be shared with some GP38s so I might try to track those down as well.

Just wanted to follow up on this. I have not cracked any codes from Lionel for their part numbers but I did get that RS3 back up and running. Holy nostalgia! It's got a basic can motor with no flywheel. The whole engine is very light. It makes a heck of a noise, especially when I hit the horn. It was fun going back to basics and driving conventional. Here's a quick video:

Now...I gotta figure out which route I want to pursue for command control! TMCC, LC+2.0 (if I can get boards), or Legacy (probably not but maybe if I can get boards). Thanks for the help finding parts!!


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