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 I have been trying to find some parts and have struck out so far. Hopefully someone here can point me in the right direction.

1. My Lionel 6-18009 NYC Mohawk has a damaged pilot and it needs a new one. I tried Lionel and the bigger parts places but it does not seem to be available. 

2. Williams 72’ scale Madison cars - I need replacement trucks, 3 of them. Again, I struck out at Bachmann and the parts houses. I am thinking I may need to buy a complete car to get the trucks.

Thanks in advance for any help or advice,

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Williams discontinued the 72' heavyweights a long time ago and they don't have parts for them. the trucks are known to have zinc pest issues. Don't buy a Williams/Bachmann product to salvage parts from. You will be back in the same boat eventually if you put Williams/Bachmann parts on your cars. See if you can find some K-Line, MTH or Lionel scale size trucks. They aren't cheap. I dealt with the same issue myself on my Williams cars. I used brass flat stock and JB Weld to fix mine before they crumbled to pieces. I also have some K-Lines as backups when the Williams trucks finally disintegrate.

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The pilot is a 610 8009 071. It looks like a difficult part to find. You might want to watch eBay. I am seeing more modern engines show up there as parts.

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