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Since travel for business and pleasure is greatly reduced due to COVID, I thought it would be nice to see some passenger trains that we have traveling around our miniature worlds.

Posts can range from toy to real trains at stations, on the move, interior images, old posters, interesting facts... The sky is the limit!

Every gauge, railroad, and era are welcome!

I shall start with my Amtrak GG1 leading The Morning Congressional

Hope everyone is staying safe and healthy!



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The Morning Congressional
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This is a great thread, many great pictures shown above bringing back fond memories of those really beautiful trains of yesterday and beyond. I road on the beautiful Texas Special, the B&O, The Illinois Central, the L&N, as a child. They were Wow’s. I always wanted to ride The Sante Fe El Capitan. Hope everyone is having a great weekend, staying safe, staying healthy, praying continually. Happy Railroading         LCCA 1460FE440E36-9B7A-4101-8782-F389488F2367DDE8F396-6695-453B-92E2-FC297523FDBDD6518B83-FA5D-4CCF-BA75-065FC69881D62F5E1796-AB31-4B3B-A818-D5B3125A913AB51F14F2-BFA2-41C6-AE3C-489F1931D57793EC8E7B-1BFD-4195-89F9-99378F4EA70FE6CB9E01-0143-4F32-B48E-6BEC43222A1F1D283F9A-D5F8-4823-9740-469371436AA8


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  • FE440E36-9B7A-4101-8782-F389488F2367
  • DDE8F396-6695-453B-92E2-FC297523FDBD
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@pdxtrains posted:

Love the whistling tender. Was that a Lionel set, or is it pieced together? Pennsy cars, yes? Thanks for sharing this. There is nothing like a passenger train, and while I love the detailed models some guys have, I am a toy train runner and nothing is as beautiful to me as a loop of track on the floor!

That is a 763e and a set of the prewar Pullman cars. My layout is designed for tinplate so the curves are too tight for more scale sized trains. When I want to run it, I have to set up a carpet central.

Well since we have some 1:1 scale pictures, here are two I took on a family trip in spring 2019.  It's Irish Rail, the express between Dublin and Belfast.  For those of not too familiar with Ireland, those two cities are in fact in two countries.  Belfast in Northern Ireland, part of the UK and Dublin the Capital of the Irish Republic.

Here is the front view...its a "push pull" train set, not turned at either station.

Irish Rail - front view

Here is the "dining car" - snacks and drinks.  The trip including a few stops is abut 2 1/2 - 3 hrs.  Food is simple but quite good.  Prices are modest. 

Irish Rail - snack bar

Love traveling by train, you can see the country your are traveling through vice over.

Don McErlean


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  • Irish Rail - front view
  • Irish Rail - snack bar

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