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Video may be stopped to hold the car for inspection.  The two light color bands are reflections. The cars are one color on the sides and ends, some roofs are black.

Gargraves factory 0-120 curves.

MTH 2-10-4 with plenty of power to spare

GGD baggage in Pullman Green

Williams baggage

MTH baggage

K-Line baggage(factory)

GGD baggage in Santa Fe Green

K-Line baggage with messenger window and heavy weathering

GGD 12-1

K-Line dining car with window treatment

GGD 8-1-2

Williams observation car repainted with people added on the deck.



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John Video
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I finally got to the train room yesterday and rotated onto my “The 48 Club” Super O layout some passenger consists. First on the outer loop is an 1975 MPC era, EP-5 Little Joe and 5 Pennsylvania Baby Madisons. On the inner loop is a 1950 postwar 50th anniversary Union Pacific 2023 pulling three 2400 series passenger cars dated 1952-53.


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Thanks Don. The engine is MTH, Weaver made the head end cars and Pullman Bradleys just behind and GGD made the Observation and cars in front. I did not have room for all the cars on my test track. MTH also made cars for this engine but all CN heavyweights are hard to find. I think there are some MTH cars on ebay now.

I saw 6060 on a fan trip about 50 years ago just outside Niagara Falls, Ontario and was hoping I would find one someday.


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Here's my passenger train contribution to this thread ...

The MTH RailKing Aerotrain with nine coaches of Rock Island décor plus a 10th RI coach as the Obs Car -- as per the prototype. Initially, I wondered if the Aerotrain loco would/could pull all the cars around my layout with O42 curves, but the loco met the challenge!

Mike Mottler   LCCA 12394


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  • Aerotrain Foto 9, Consist
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