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A couple of New York Centrals finest meet up........under a Pennsylvania signal bridge????............


Hey Rick - these are great shots!  Have never been a fan of Fastrack but they way you've added the ballast and selected weathering this is the best I've seen!  The center rail reflects the ties enhancing the illusion. Great effect my friend...



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 c.sam Posted: Hey Rick - these are great shots!  Have never been a fan of Fastrack but they way you've added the ballast and selected weathering this is the best I've seen!  The center rail reflects the ties enhancing the illusion. Great effect my friend...


Thanks Sam!  Eventually, I want to tone down the plastic roadbed between the ties with weathering chalk or a wash.

The key to "o.k." looking fastrack is to make sure the plastic edge that the rail sits in is painted too. This plastic edge actually represents a more realistic flared out bottom of the rail. When painted it helps detract from the "U " shape of the fastrack rail.

BTW , your layout is no slouch either!  Much more sizeable than mine ,and I enjoy those wide expansive views that allow extra scenery as well as trains

Climb aboard a passenger train at suburban station, Terryville and take a scenic ride through Terryville, through the T&C yards, around the city of Christopolis, through the long T&C tunnel and back to your departure point. Throughout your trip, you will be passed by a Pennsylvania Railroad passenger train, The Federal, being pulled by a MTH Proto-Sound 2, Brunswick Green GG-1. Enjoy the ride.

Here are my early postwar 6000 series brown and green sheet metal cars. These are being pulled by Lionel 224 and 2065 steamers respectfully.

Hello Rich, I think your passenger cars are very special, I have three sets of these cars, One brown and two green and pull them with a 224 as you do and also a 221. The first set I purchased green from an elderly gentleman at York in the purple hall many years ago, I believe he was selling off his collection and never saw him again as I went back many times, the cars he sold me are gorgeous and will be cherished forever. I really enjoyed your video, thanks again!

@pennsynut posted:

What brand headend cars? 

It is a mix of several manufactures:

MTH: 1st baggage car and the 2 passenger cars

Weaver: B60 Baggage and RPO

GGD: express Reefer 54'

Lionel: 3rd Baggage car (grey)

Kline: 4th baggage car ( I have a second one but the bulbs need to be replaced) 


I plan on getting 2-3 more Lionel baggage cars and perhaps another 54' reefer to complete the consist.


Since I had to disconnect my failing Legacy base to make a backup, and since I just got my 637 steamer back from Len Carparelli and wanted to test it out, I figured I would give another of my favorite old MPC era conventional trains a run. Here are a pair of F3’s pulling some of the smooth sided aluminum passenger cars which were issued around the same time - the drum head on the observation car says 20th Century Limited.


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Wow, beautiful pass trains folks.  Rich / Charles , I also have both the green and the brown sets of early postwar sheet metal pass cars and pulled, like you, with a 224 and 2065.  I also have a pre-war set (cars are essentially identical to postwar except for trucks and couplers) in silver / blue pulled by a 1666 die cast 6 driver steamer.  I really like these cars, they run well and look good.

Well, here is my contribution for today.  This is the Burlington GP set, with the small streamlined cars in silver with the red window band.  This matches the silver/red livery of the Burlington GP really well.  Here they are exiting the depot tracks and taking the main.

Burlington Pass train

Best wishes for a happy weekend all.



Images (1)
  • Burlington Pass train


GGD Santa Fe baggage car


GGD T&P baggage car


K-Line baggage car repainted with messenger window


K-Line 1821 with messenger window and weathering, ballast dust from the southwestern US



K-Line 1821 from the factory


Williams 17" baggage car from first five car passenger set.


Lionel milk car as an REA express reefer

New Orleans 1

K-Line New Orleans resembles a Pullman 8-1-2

Night Route 1

K-Line Night Route resembles a Pullman 8-1-2




K-Line dining car with window treatment and kitchen added.


K-Line Fairlane repainted to Santa Fe Chief Red Cloud


GGD dining car



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  • DSCN1026
  • DSCN2431
  • DSCN2432
  • DSCN2434
  • DSCN2437
  • DSCN2435
  • DSCN2440
  • New Orleans 1
  • Night Route 1
  • DSCN2554
  • DSCN1792
  • DSCN1793
  • DSCN2416
  • DSCN2417
  • DSCN2418
  • DSCN2419
  • DSCN2420
  • DSCN1027

It was a weird day in NE Pennsylvania... 

First, a short NYC Harlem Line passes through Pike County, having taken a wrong track coming out of Grand Central. (A Lionel Legacy NYC 4-6-6T with a pair of GGD cars)

Following close on it’s heels is the Montreal Limited - the engineer was heard exclaiming “at least the D&H ran through NEPA”!!! (A 3rd Rail PA pulling a set of MTH cars)

Finally, we have the totally befuddled Denali Star... they had to take a detour near Talkeetna, headed too far south, passing through Anaheim, Azusa, before taking a hard left near Cucamonga... (All Lionel)


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