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Paul you are exactly right about matching the Dreyfuss cars. The first E7s delivered to the NYC in 1945 were actually painted to match the 1938 paint scheme of the cars of the Century…light gray body with dark gray stripe, like the 4004 in my video. Soon after, however, they were repainted to match the new 1948 Century, which has the reverse paint scheme…the more familiar dark gray body with light gray stripe. (There were actually two units in that first order, numbers 4002 and 4003, which were painted all black! I have an older TMCC version in black but it has the incorrect road number 4008).

Sorry for the delay in replying, James… thanks for that interesting history - one of my favorite things about this forum is everyone’s willingness to share their knowledge.

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Two nice videos, Trainbros. I’m in the process of putting together a Metro North commuter train (waiting for the MN New Haven Genisis that 3rd Rail is doing next year). Are those the new Atlas MN cars??? I noticed that yours appear to have the tail red lights on between the cars. I found a small switch in the center of the underside of mine which can turn off the tail lights on all but one the last car.

Just got my Reading Crusader cars back, they now have LED lighting, full interiors with 3D printed seats and tables, and lots of paying passengers. The locomotive has received a full command upgrade with fan driven smoke and ERR cruise/sounds sounds, all LED lighting including ground lights. The train is now back at the depot ready to start earning it's keep in full revenue service!

Weaver Reading Crusader N1Weaver Reading Crusader N2Weaver Reading Crusader N3Weaver Reading Crusader N4Weaver Reading Crusader N5Weaver Reading Crusader N6


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  • Weaver Reading Crusader N1
  • Weaver Reading Crusader N2
  • Weaver Reading Crusader N3
  • Weaver Reading Crusader N4
  • Weaver Reading Crusader N5
  • Weaver Reading Crusader N6
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A trio of passenger trains on my club's layout this past September.  When I started taking the video, my 2 kids had been getting restless and I had only planned to catch the one I was running before needing to pack it in......but to my surprise  I got lucky and caught a 3-way meet!  The ACL is mine, the Erie belongs to the president, and the SP to another member. 


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