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Since we have a cool place to post our track plans, I thought I would upload mine.

I fancy myself as more of a post war train operator and thus my layout is kind of a post war design.  I also like running prewar and tinplate trains, so a most of my sidings, I like to have "run-through" capability.

A lower level is present for a "subway circuit" of sorts.  Or in reality, just more play value.

Attached are two versions of the lower level track plan.  I was experiencing trouble with the remote switches on my lower level and was dis-satisfied in general with it.  So I tore it up, and am adding switches and Blocks for better action.


Images (3)
  • Layout 2021 Upper Level with detail
  • Layout 2021 Lower Level current design 4-13-21
  • Layout 2021 Lower Level optional design 4-20-21
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