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Hi All,

I purchased several of the last run of Sunset F-7's.  I test ran them, changed the address to the long address and then put them away until I had more of the RR built.  Last week, I took an AB set out to give it a run.  The motor turned and the body shook but it did not run.  I think the problem is solidified gear grease in the journals.

Is there a penetrating oil that would dissolve the grease but not hurt any of the plastic in the area of the journal?

Am I looking for a penetrating oil or something else?  Am I right in thinking that the problem is the grease or is it something else?

I would appreciate any guidance to solve this problem.

I have two more weeks of work on this section of the RR before I can tackle this problem.  Just enough time to order what I need and have it arrive in time to use it.



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CRC Contact Cleaner that is safe for plastics has always helped me get old, solidified oil and grease out of any number of items. It is a regularly stocked item in our local hardware and big box stores ad is usually readily available.

Try to remove any/all old grease and oil residue then re-lube. Just adding a penetrating oil without cleaning out the old gunk is, in my book, just adding fuel to the fire so to speak.

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