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I just bought a Premier Penn Central E44 "Juice Train" set from a guy two weeks ago.  As I already suspected, from reading about this years ago, the manufacturer for MTH did the PC logo wrong on the Penn Central E44.  The connected “worms” are most predominate on the sides of the E44 but there are also interconnecting much smaller “worms” on the front and back which I’m not as concerned about.

My question is should I leave as is in the name of collectability or should I correct the mistake?

If I should correct, which I’m leaning towards, how should I correct it?

I was thinking of using some kind of masking tape and then what’s the best match in paint I should use?

Thanks for the advice in advance!



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At one time, Trains Magazine ran photos in their monthly magazine titled "Would you believe it?" which showed unusual or real messed up jobs on the railroads.  This included pix from the paint shops where workers improperly placed the stensils on the sides of freight cars.  I recall one on an L&N hopper car where the Dixie Line slogan had the letters for Dixie misplaced.

I would just leave the PC logo alone to see how many visitors catch the mating worms "doin' their thing".  If the logo was on a Diesel, it could very well have been lettered for the former NYC subsidiary Peoria & Eastern, since the lettering sure looks like it could very well be a play on the PE.

Remember Rule One, model railroading is fun, so always do it your way.

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