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OK, so I see there are others out there in cyberspace who are Pennsy fans.


Not to beat a dead horse, I love the prewar switchers. Just something about the chunky shape makes me smile and the bell ringing tender that sounds like the bell you would ring on somebody's business counter. OK, even the scale version is not really 100% true to the prototype, but I can live with the semi-scale fleet. Lucky for us that there are enough scale, semi-scale, tinplate, etc., steam, diesel, electric options to keep all of us happy.


What do you run and what PRR books do you have in your library? For me, I love:

  • All of the Messer/Roberts Triumph-series books
  • the more recent Albert Churella (chunky-sized too) book, The Pennsylvania Railroad, Volume 1  
  • Don Wood's, I Remember Pennsy




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Pennsy Power II

Pennsylvania Q Class Classic Power #8

Pennsylvania M-1 Dual Service Mountains Classic Power #8

The Pennsylvania Railroad 1940s-1950s



I have two Postwar 675s

a 671 Turbine

1615 0-4-0, has the Belpaire Firebox but they got the headlight wrong....

MTH RK M1a Mountain



anything with a Belpaire Firebox, high headlight,but a notable exception is one of these.......added bonus is that Red Keystone



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I'm into semi-scale as well, got a k4s,  0-6-0 b6 switcher, gp9 ,and a couple others, those are the basics for any Pennsy fan. I have The History of the Pennsylvania Railroad by Timothy Jacobs, good read, lotta pics, and another good one, the name escapes me at the moment.


Lotta good Pennsy videos on youtube as well, just go there and type in "Pennsylvania Railroad" and its a feast for the eyes to see and hear the Pennsy in action.


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My collection of mostly scale Pennsylvania was started due to my love of steam. My favorite is the K-4. I have two K-4s and love to run them prototypically double headed pulling a long passenger train. I also run My Atlantic and G-5 with passenger trains. Occasionally, I take out the S-1 or T-1 for a great looking passenger consist.

K4 in Altoona


 For freight, I love the looks of my Consolidation pulling a string of Atlas billboard reefers. I also run M-1a, or J-1 if want to run "big stuff". 



 I also have a some electrics and diesels. My pride is, of course, my scale GG-1s. I have a MTH in brunswick green and a Williams in tuscan. 





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  • K4 in Altoona
  • PRR_6755_M1b_Strasburg1971-2
  • PRR-GG1-11x14-Print-400

What do i run?: FA (pair), GG1 (5), GP9, H10, K4s, O1 (scratch built), RS1, RS3.


Books: Pennsy Power I, II, & III; Black Gold, Black Diamonds; Pennsy Electric Years; Under Pennsy Wires; Pennsylvania RR in the `40's & `50's; Horseshoe Heritage; The Remarkable GG1; Conquering Gotham and a few others i can't find.


One GG1 is currently on the For Sale section of this forum, and i might be talked into selling the GP9 - need to finance the two 44 ton switchers on order.


jackson, CEO - Not-So-Great Eastern RR aka The Never Done Lines, Division of the Southern Adirondack Railway Cartel

I've got a PRR K-line Mikado I won years back at my LHS.  Great engine, and probably the largest engine I'd consider for the size layouts i've had.  Also a k-line 0-4-0 switcher, man that's one heck of a smoker.  I pulled out my K-line KCC GG1 this christmas.  Hadn't run it in years, but it looked nice pulling the 15" broadway limited madison cars.  Other than that, some mixed frieght, and a cool little PRR station where the people dissappear as the train goes by, so it looks like they got on the train.

The Pennsy is my favorite railroad. During the war my father was in the Navy and he and my mother were in Miami for a time. My mom would ride the "South Wind" between Miami and Indiana.


I have the..



MTH S1 duplex

MTH T1 dulpex (skirted)

Lionel T1 duplex (unskirted)

MTH Centipede

Lionel J1a

Lionel S2 Turbine

MTH K4 (streamlined)

Williams Alco PA

Williams GG1


The railroad bridge that crosses the White river here in Columbus still has the PRR paint on it.



My one Pennsy engine really is not Pennsy.  It's my Lionel starter set 4-4-2, and apart from the roadname on the tender, is devoid of any signature PRR features.  Nevertheless, between my starter set and it's two expansion packs, the Pennsylvania is the most well represented road in my fleet.

I have a RMT GG1 on order, but don't see myself getting any other Pennsy engines anytime soon.  For a time I really wanted to get a LionMaster T1, but I don't have those kind of funds right now.

I like the Pennsylvania's streamlined locomotives--steam, diesel, and electric--because I think they look dark and moody, especially in DGLE.  I cannot help but think "Batman" whenever I see them.

And as far as books: The History of the Pennsylvania Railroad, Timothy Jacobs.

My Pennsylvania RR books include the following:

Pennsy Power I and II by Al Staufer.

Pennsylvania Railroad-1940s-1950s by Don Ball.

Pennsylvania Diesel Years by Robert Yanosey.

Pennsylvania Electric Years by William D. Volkmer.


I enjoy running both the scale and semi-scale GG I, K4s, GP-9, E-8, and last but certainly not least Lionel's iconic Post-War Pennsylvania S2 Turbine of which I have several. 


Originally Posted by J Daddy:
I completely agree with this. I have been asking this for awhile. They could do both tender styles. I personally would buy a couple myself. Always wanted a nice example of a PRR Ore train. I got enough weaver hoppers to start.

I am surprised that there are not any Lionel Legacy models of the class I1sa 2-10-0.

This would be a REAL seller...



I1sa No. 4308 b 800x-2


What's not to like about the Pennsy?  Click on any photo to see a full size version.


Doubleheaded Weaver H10s 2-8-0's approach a grade crossing.




 N1s 2-10-2 (3rd Rail) departing Annville Yard while an HH1 2-8-8-2 (ex-N&W Y3, Lionel model) passes overhead with a coal drag).




 N1s 2-10-2 passing the signal and watchman's shanty in Rockview.




 I1sa 2-10-0 snapper (3rd Rail, snapper is Pennsy speak for helper locomotive) approaching an N8 cabin car (MTH) prior to giving this train a big shove.


PHOTO 04 small


 Passing AE Tower (actually an MG Tower model by Harry Heike).


PHOTO 10 small


 A B6sb 0-6-0 (K-Line model) is working a cut of cars past the cabin car service buildings in Annville Yard.


PHOTO 16b small


 FS10 switcher (MTH) prepares to move a B60b baggage car (Weaver) from the Annville Post Office so it can be picked up by a passenger train.


PHOTO 27 small


 An M1a 4-8-2 (3rd Rail) is rounding Horseshoe Curve on Track 3 while another freight descends on Track 4 with an N6b cabin car (MTH) bringing up the rear.


PHOTO 24 small




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  • Bart08
  • Bart02
  • PHOTO 04 small
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  • PHOTO 16b small
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I got enough weaver hoppers to start.

Anachronism police here:if you're going to lay out over a grand for an I-1, you really must have it (them) pull correct PRR hoppers. So, dig up Atlas H-21's and, when they show up, Lionel Gla's. Circle keystone, please.


Bob B- your railroad is magnificent.


Bob2- really? A K-4 boiler on a Dec frame? I thought only Penn-Line did that, and in HO, too. You really must scratch build a proper superstructure!

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