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I was pursuing through this month's Lancaster NHRS chapter newsletter and noticed an article regarding the PRR keystone station signs along the original mainline (Phila-Paoli). The article is on the 5th page.

Recently, SEPTA and the Radnor historical society installed replicas of the PRR St. Davids station sign on the inbound and outbound station platforms. SEPTA has expressed interest in installing replicas of the PRR station signs on the mainline.

In order to do so, they will require the original signs (or even replicas of the original signs) to use as a mold for the castings. If you, or someone you know, has one of the signs from this part of the PRR system, they are asking to contact one of the members of the Historical Society. His contact information is in the newsletter which is linked below.

Lancaster NHRS March Newsletter

Spreading the message here to help it reach a larger audience!

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There was a guy at York who would make them, with any name you wanted. Maybe find him?

Arthur, Iron Horse Engraving was located in the Orange Hall and made various laser engraved wooden PRR station and custom signs, locomotive boiler plates and railroad heralds.  In my experience the pricing is very reasonable, workmanship very good and service excellent for a custom named sign.

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