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PRRronbh posted:

Unfortunately most my Pennsy rolling stock is on silver hydride.






Any postwar collectors/operators want to explain that car to me?

No offense intended, I'd love to have a "circle keystone" car for my Christmas Tree layout of which I've chosen to limit to Lionel cars.     I currently have no Pennsy stuff in the consist and I'd love to have a PRR boxcar from the vintage era of Lionel.   I know nothing about them so I beg to ask the question.

Again, no offense intended since I'm a P:48 2 railer in another life and have tons of rolling stock from all manufacturers and a sizable number is PRR prototype.    Future RR will be the PRR Redstone branch in western PA. 

MikeH posted:

I just received these today.


I'm tacking onto my earlier post since I received more Pennsy heavyweights from Charles Ro today.  I'm putting together a Spirit of St. Louis train so this is a timely thread for me.  Thanks for starting it, Vincent.  Now I need a Pennsy engine... 



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Vincent Massi posted:

WFT, all four of those boxcars are beauties. But I have never seen anything like the green one, and I cannot find it online. Do you know if it is a model of a real boxcar? It looks pretty sharp, regardless.


Vincent, yes these are very prototypical.  They were built by "General American Transportation Corp"  (GAEX) in the 50's and early 60's.  They are 50"-6" inside length all leased to the PRR.  

You will find pictures on page 47 of Morning Sun Books "PRR Color Guide to Freight and Passenger Equipment" Volume 2.

I have the MTH version made about 25-years ago,



MTH made it in-fact as a 50-foot model as part of Set 20-90003 shipped in August 1999,

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