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I just finished an article in the Spring, 2012 issue of "Classic Trains" magazine about the last steam locomotive in operation on the Pennsy.  Actually, it was a Pennsy property in New Jersey that ran through Maple Shade.  The Union Transportation Co.  In the article the author talks of seeing the 5244, 0-6-0 switcher going through Maple Shade in 1959 on it's last run.  My uncles owned a coal yard in Maple Shade and I would spend time with them playing near the tracks.  The timing, 1959, would be about right for me.  I was eleven years old and it was summer.  In the article the last run of the 5244 was on July 14.  My cousins and I went down to the tracks and lo and behold here comes a steam locomotive, spewing out smoke and cinders that rained down on our heads.  

I'd be willing to bet that what I witnessed was indeed the last run of 5244.  It was replaced by a GE 44 ton diesel that same day.  The article goes on to say that 5244 was run light, the same way I witnessed it, on the 14th of July, 1959, through Camden, over the Delair Bridge to the 46th Street enginehouse, where it's fire was dropped for the last time.  

Anyone that may be interested in the article it was Classic Trains magazine, Spring 2012.  The author is Frank C. Kozempel. 

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I don't recall the number of the locomotive but assume it was 5244 because it was a Pennsylvania 0-6-0 that operated in the location you describe and was operating there in 1959 as I recall. It was later than the other Pennsylvania steam power i remember seeing in New Jersey into 1957 on the New York and Long Branch.


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GG1 4877 posted:

If you did witness the last run of 5244, you are a lucky person indeed.  The end of era for the Belpaire fire box steam locomotive in the US.  Ancient but reliable machines by that time. 

I am only old enough to have witnessed the final run of GG1 4877 under it's own power. 

I saw 4877 at 30th Street Station yard.  I actually witnessed and filmed, still photos, of GG1 4935 in the Tacony section of Philly and at 30th St Station yard.

Not the best photos, but better than none.



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  This is one of my favorite topics. Love those beautiful Pennsy switchers and #5244, as the last active Pennsy steamer, should have been saved, but it wasn't. 

  If all goes well, I have an article coming out in an upcoming edition of The Keystone, the quarterly magazine of the Pennsylvania Railroad Technical & Historical Society.



  There were a good number of these judging by how many come up on eBay from time to time. I have one, too. Unfortunately, the number on the cab is not correct, as it should read 5244, not 9844. The 9844 was actually a 2-8-0, not a B6 0-6-0. Prices on eBay seem to range from $20-$65. 


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@ed davis posted:

I didn’t witness the retirement but have had this cigarette lighter in my collection for many years. Does anyone know how many of these were made or who they were given to? Any ideas as to what it is worth? Thanks for your help.



I have one of these lighters too. Never used and still in its original box. Always thought I had something special, but I guess not. Still a pretty cool piece.

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