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I usually buy by the model and roadname rather than brand, but Williams caught my attention when they started making scale GG1'S. I have the 4935, and it can pull 5 of the 20-inch aluminum cars at speed so high I have to be careful not to derail it on 054 curves.

I also bought the trainmaster because I wanted CNJ, and it cost about one fifth of an original Lionel. It pulls four scale Madison's as fast as the GG1. 

I have th F7 AB set, and the Alco PA, both PRR, and the postwar K4. I am looking to convert the K4 to DCC, as I found a sound system recorded from the 1361. 

I have a USRA Mikado, and it can handle 15 scale freight cars at 2/3 full throttle.


Sold all my Williams diesels a while back as they did not, for various reasons, fit what I was looking for.  No problems with how they ran.

I do have several Williams brass steamers that have been upgraded to command.  They look great and run well.  My two scale Williams GG1s, still conventional, have been run a lot at shows and they have been great, pulling a 11 car pax train at speed.

I am looking at getting their scale FA-1 set and upgrade it to command.  However, I need to buy two AA sets to get two powered engines plus find a B unit.

One impediment to many for the Williams products is the fact they don't have any command models.

A few years back I upgraded a Williams scale GG-1 to TMCC.

Electric RR Co upgrade for Williams GG1

A bit more recently, I upgraded the Williams 44-ton locomotive to TMCC.

Williams 44-Ton Upgrade with ERR CC-Lite, Sound, & Electrocouplers

I've done a number of the Williams brass steam upgrades for various folks, and even one or two for me.  I have several waiting on the shelves for an upgrade now.

My Williams PRR steamers are the backbone of the fleet:

  • K4s (2) - equipped with TrainAmerica TMCC, EOB, and Railsounds
  • L1s - equipped with TrainAmerica TMCC, and Railsounds
  • B6sb - equipped with ERR TMCC, and Railsounds

They were very smooth runners conventionally, and perform even more spectacularly under command control.  And of course, they pull well.





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  • Double-heading

Here's my Wms 'Blackjack' non-powered GG1 paired with a Lionel JLC model a few years ago. Beautiful solid black scale locomotive!


Still have an ABA of the scale PRR FA's and the Golden Classics No2356 Southern AA's as well as the handsome scale E7's in L&N with PS2. These are For Sale if anyone is interested. Just the AA's



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Williams engines brought me back to O-Gauge. Unfortunately have not taken any pics of my Williams engines.  It was not long after Dad had passed in Oct. 1986 was back in my then local toy train shop in Charlotte.  I had been eye-balling a Pennsy K4 on a shelf at least 10-feet off the floor but could read the price tag $390.00.   I remember thinking $390.00 for a plastic engine.  Dad (Santa) brought me my first Lionel train Christmas 1947 and he was from Conway .Pa.  After remarking to the owner that was a lot of money for a plastic engine, he corrected my assumption that it was brass.  So my thinking change to only $390 for a brass K4!  He brought it down, I bought it.  The beginning of the return to O-Gauge.  Later bought a L1, then E6, then a B6.  And then a GG1, Alco FA-1"s and RF-16 ABA Sharks all Williams.

One of these days must get them all out for a portrait!


I have lots of Williams engines, rolling stock and passenger cars.  They were quite affordable when I acquired them and they run great.  My largest contingent is Pennsy Steam Turbines (I have 6) and Lionel knock off F-3s.  The F-3 engines are double motored and were much less than Lionel originals at the time. I also have a moderate sized collection of Williams Brass locos including the magnificent Master Series NYC Hudsons.  I keep my Dreyfuss Hudson in a display case next to my layout.  It is truly moving art.


I have 2 Williams PA A-B-A sets, D&H and EL, a D&H A-B-B-A Shark set, Lackawanna FM pow/dum set, NH EP5 pow/dum set, NYC F-7 A-B-A set, D&H U-33 and SD-45 pow/dum sets, D&H Berkshire, and NYC, D&H, Lackawanna and PRR aluminum passenger sets, NYC Budd car set,  one Amtrak Amfleet passenger set, an Amtrak Genesis  an Amtrak FP-45 and one other Amtrak electric.  Never had a problem with any of it.  Flawless operation.  Layout is 100% conventional.  Recently sold an Amtrak Superliner passenger set.

I have several Williams, from a N&W J11 with proto 3, to 2 conventional GP-38-2's, 1GP38-2 with TMCC, 3 F-3 Lionel NP upgraded with Williams can motors and traction tire trucks along with all 3 having ERR TMCC. My latest projects are Williams E-7's with ERR Cruise Commanders. One AB is custom painted for the Golden State, one AA is Burlington and one A unit is Milwaukee Road.

Once I tried the ERR upgrades I have been a Williams fan over Lionel and MTH.

My Williams locomotives are all "covered wagons."    Many varieties of E-7's, F-3's, Alco PA's and FA's, and 7 Genesis locos.   Some steam, and most color schemes made in the scale GG-1's.  I run heavy 21" passenger trains mixed with GGD, Lionel, Atlas, K-line cars.  The Williams locos fast starts  are tamed by the heavy trains. 

Ive never had a problem with any Williams products. 

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