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Our cat, the now late Chaz Harrison. liked our layout, the Great Northeastern Railway (GNR). We made Chaz an "officer" in the management of the GNR. He was our Chairman of the "Bored". Chaz took his position quite seriously sitting on the arm of a chair in our train room watching the trains run and making his periodic walk-through tours doing track inspection as pictured below.

Chaz Walking on Track [1)Chaz Walking on Track [2)Chaz Walking on Track [3)

The track passes inspection. It is most comfortable.

Chaz Laying on Track

Though Chaz is no longer with us, his memory lives on in our railroad's logo below. The logo was commissioned from and designed by famed railroad artist Peter Lerro.


Images (4)
  • Chaz Walking on Track (1)
  • Chaz Walking on Track (2)
  • Chaz Walking on Track (3)
  • Chaz Laying on Track
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