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So i made a proto3 lashup with my two brand new santa fe f3 units on my phone app it allows me to lash them up but once save theres no responce. It will work on my dcs remote but not on my android phone app nor with any other of my proto 3 or proto 2 engines is there a trick to this 

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@Cowboys1983 I just built and quickly tested a lash up of two PS2 locomotives on the app .  There didn't seem to be any surprises, I just followed along with the on-screen steps.

I do have the "premium" (Paid) app, which I believe is required for lash-ups.

So, if you don't have the premium app, you need to upgrade.  If you do have the premium app, I'd suggest deleting app, rebooting phone, then reinstalling app.

Details here:  M.T.H. Premium Smart Phone App - Now Available For Download On Google Play And The Apple App Store | MTH ELECTRIC TRAINS (

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