Photo Chain Game


Here is an activity that should be fun, easy, and low stress. All it requires is that you can post photos; and use a little creative imagination.

Each time that you visit this thread take a look at the most recent photo posted.  Then post a photo that has something similar in it.  Use your stored photos, or take a photo that has a similar element.  This will create a link in the chain of photos. In one word, or take several if necessary, name the element in your photo that can be found in the previous photo.

As an example:

If this were the most recent photo, you might identify one element of it and post this:

(with the caption)

Steam engine.

(The next entry could be.)

Street Light


Some suggested guidelines:

Be sure that the photo is yours (no borrowing from someone else’s site or Google Images)

Please try to post photos of items that are yours or were yours.

There has to be at least one entry between any entry that you make and the next one that you make.  So: Joe can make a post, but he has to wait for someone else (Moe?) to make a post before he makes a new link in the chain, using an element from Moe’s post.

Let’s try to keep all photos in the realm of model trains.  While I am starting this in the Tinplate forum, because that is where I hang out, anyone from any forum or gauge or era, illustrating any manufacturer or handmade element can contribute.

Please be sure that captions are brief, and that every post has a photo in it.

If you have a question or a comment about a post try to keep it brief, or start a new thread with a copy of the photo about which you have a question, and then ask the question.  (We’ll see if this guideline works)

The goal is to keep the chain going without any breaks

Be creative in your links.

Most of all, let's have fun.


I will start the fun with this photo:


Original Post


Thanks for participating and for asking.

As long as you match some element from the most recent photo posted, you have made a link in the chain.  The most recent photo that I am looking at is FRENCHTRAINS'


You could match any of the tinplate cars, track, a train, a spotlight, barrels, toolbox prewar, standard gauge, etc.  Sometimes it can be difficult to find a match, but you can be flexible and creative, and hopefully have fun.

I will make a link by posting a photo of mine that has a caboose in it.

Next person who posts can match any (or several) of the elements in my photo.  

I hope that helps.

Northwoods Flyer



Guys, a little tip with this. Try and post a picture of your item in a scene with many other objects. The idea of the game is link to one object among many. Posting a picture of a single item leaves nothing for the next person to link to. This is not like the other single theme picture threads like smoke or side rods, etc. 


pd posted:


I swear... Lionel made some of the most awesome looking stream engines... and this was a TOY train!. This photo REALLY conveys the heft and nice proportions of this line (Berk boiler) of Lionel engines!


EDIT: Forgot to include the word "steam". Though some of their diesels looked pretty good.