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FWIW, I've seen and wish I had the pictures and kept it, a roller worn/cut down to the rivet and then went halfway through the rivet. There was nothing but 2 rings of what what was left of the "roller" pushed apart to the far sides of the pickup.

It was on a heavily run club engine, that likely ran for minimum 5 hours a day, flying around the track at high speed on a 75 foot long table with wide curves. There is abuse and then there is what was done to this engine.

Most people will never see that level of wear and abuse in a typical home situation. It's possible but it takes years. I have a unique situation were volunteers start em up, maybe monitor them running- maybe, and run them for hours and hours until they stop or they get tired and go home.

@Paul Kallus posted:

Is there a common part that includes the pickup roller and bracket for sale that will fit most modern Lionel and MTH rolling stock?

fwiw: extreme worn pickup rollers that I have seen result from continual running, e.g., holiday displays, where concentric circles make up the train track.

There is not one common part, the pickup rollers come with many arm lengths and mounting provisions.

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