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I'm going to disagree  with Pete slightly, but I don't think it will help you.

Over the years Lionel issued 47 supplements to its original service documentation.  Extending into the late TMCC years these cover many, many models and have a large number of wiring diagrams, but alas, not for yours.  It cannot be found in any of them for some reason.

Pete's suggestion might be your only option.  Using the part numbers for your motherboard (691-PCB1-10F) and DCDS (691-DCDS-YU1) in your search might help.  From



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Mike, the supplements ended sometime in the 1990s. This engine was made early 2000s. Lionel has issued manuals for their various boards to their service stations but few if any for a specific engine. Had it not been for a few talented forum members here even service stations would not have anything for items made after around 2010.

Someone familiar with each individual board can likely track down a problem but its pretty difficult for someone without access to even the limited information Lionel gives out. That said MTH is no better. Technical knowledge pretty much limited to ASCs.


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