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Hi guys, sorry was away for a bit. Thanks for the compliments. Looney Tunes, the biggest tip I can give in general is patience, and study up on your subject if you are into scale accuracy. When I did the Superchief cars, I studied up for months on correcting venting. It was nuts. and without the help from Marker and others, it would have been longer.


You can find correct menus, period magazines and such online and them shrink them down via 'word' and then can use them in your cars for a final touch. I find that in detailing, it's the little things that make all the difference.


I am working currently on the Observation car for the GGD '48 20th Cent Ltd. THe interior that came with the car is fairly accurate except for the fact that it is missing the bilevel flooring, and the deco handrails. I am making those. I am also painting correct colors for the furniture and putting in a correct patterned rug and some neat looking people. I'll try to post some photos soon.  Next will be the kitchen, then diner. It's a gorgeous set. Thanks again.

Hi, Thanks again all for the compliments. As fat as the seating, GGD does a fairly good job with prototypical placement of tables and chairs. In this case I modified what was there. Usually they need to be painted a more correct color. I am currently working on the 48 Century and that's what I am doing. I posted photos of the kitchen car and Obs, and am working in the diner now. In this case, I need to construct the tables. GGD did a strange thing here and made them lower than the seating. I am cutting them out and putting in the famed oval angled tables, featured in so many photos of the wonderful car. Tables will have menus, flowers, candles etc. You can make tables out of almost anything because they will be covered by a table cloth.

Mr. Dreyfuss Hudson  you are a skilled interior modeler. I am detailing 2 P70 coaches any color hints on seats and floors all walls are beige cause I cant find the baby blue or  sea foam mist blue they originally were. oh these are reshopped cars Id like the seats and floor to pop but somewhere close to proto type. any suggestions would be appreciated


the type on Dreyfuss' P70s is what the PRR called 'Clarendon'. The GGD reproduction shows the type not quite as extended as it should be. 'Futura' is a sans-serif font (without the hooks at the ends of the letter strokes). In fact, FUTURA is similar to the type used is these posts, except the letters themselves are condensed (not as wide)


For the interior color of the P70 coach:

ceiling, headliner, moldings- parchment white

fasica- tan

side wall between windows sill and fasica- brown

floor- green

bulkheads top portion- parchment white

sash- drab

window sill- black

seat metal parts- brown

seat fabric -green with woven brown diagonal striping

Linoleum- battleship green


(taken form a PRR drawing dated 1939, as published in the Autumn 1996 edition of The Keystone)


thank you Dreyfuss Hudson and PRR Man all I have to do is study some more and I'll be able to figure out where all those parts are inside an interior up un till now I was sure hoping they were flat sonds like a sandwich of pieces and strips. Any hints for the ignorant but willing would be appreciated and I'm looking for another Keystone I think. thanx for your tolerance of stupid questions all the time 

thanx PRR Man this helps a lot. Now I don't have to wait for the keystone to get here. I have a question regarding parts and how hard it is to source some items diner tables like pictured by Erik Lindgren I have a set of identical tables unusual because of the legs no markings who made these?,are they still available, and where. Any of you guys in the know have any suggestions on where to source parts or is that like asking where you found all those morel mushrooms,all my secret patches are gone because of the flooding a couple of years back. I find I spend more time hunting parts sources than actual modeling.  I too study up on a car before building and hunt parts till I have whats needed to complete the build. Its very frustrating on the bay cause a set of seats get really pricey.Im onto Keil line for some stuff, got help from Dan Pantera finding venetian blind decals Railgraphics really nice people and Lou Cross for passengercar sides and somethings. This summer My one project is a Prr 6 sec solarium lounge car allah Joe Fischer  already got the sandwich Bristol board sides drawn out soon the cutting begins, but first I've got to finish the last 2 p70s man dark green floors just are so drab and dark but in real life it just hides the dirt. does anyone know who made these seats think I'll make a mold and cast a bunch

whats on my workbench 005


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  • whats on my workbench 005

I've been working on a Seaboard Air Line Sun-Lounge car and the original had what I'd call a seashell/beach pattern to it:



I plan on making a carpet using some printable cloth material I found at WalMart using this as the pattern:



I found it online and copied the photo (which is just 1 of the squares you see in the photo above).  I wish I could get those lines in between each square to disappear (I had to make it in WORD then copy it to a photo program so I could size it and print it out).


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