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For the new house that we building this year, I am thinking about modular sections for a layout, not for my trains but for my new 1:32 slot car track.  The planned layout tentatively will be 4'x12'.  I'm thinking about modules that are 4' long and possibly 24" - 32" wide.  Having had a large permanent crappy basement layout in the past, I'm looking for something that is modular so that it can be quickly disassembled and moved if needed.  Light weight would also be a plus.

One of my biggest questions is how do you lock all of the modules together?  Carriage bolts and nuts (possibly wingnuts) come immediately to mind, but what are some other options?


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Our club also uses C-clamps to secure the modules together and thumb screws into t-nuts to attach the legs.

I am using hex bolts and t-nuts in my new layout, as shown below.  I use them to secure modules together and to attach the legs to the modules.  A socket on the drill make short work of attaching and tightening.  Plus, it draws the t-nut tight.  I recessed anything along the front so as not to interfere with the facia.


Benchwork 9Benchwork 10Benchwork 11Benchwork 12Benchwork 13


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  • Benchwork 9
  • Benchwork 10
  • Benchwork 11
  • Benchwork 12
  • Benchwork 13

For a requested link Google " Freeman Manufacturing brass square dowels".  I use a lot of them for many purposes.  Mostly the #4 size.  When I built the TAS modular layout they were that which made the set up easy,

You can clamp or bolt once aligned.

For requested pictures I offer:

winding down over view 004winding down over view 005winding down over view 003For use in module frameslift out overall 009For use in lift outsThree bridges 006IMG_8657

I also solder leads to the top and bottom brass dowels to provide wireless track connection for track power applications.



Images (7)
  • winding down over view 004
  • winding down over view 005
  • winding down over view 003
  • lift out overall 009
  • Three bridges 006
  • IMG_8657
  • IMG_8658
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