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As many of you know, the NYW&B was an ambitious heavy electric commuter railroad that served eastern Westchester County in the 1st half of the 20th century.  It never met expectations and was scraped in the early 40s after closing down in the late 30s.  It ran next to the New Haven from the South Bronx to Port Chester. One branch ended in White Plains, where it ended in a terminal in the area of the Galleria Mall. From the terminal site, it was supposed to extend into southern New England (which never happened).  Its southern terminus was near the Harlem River crossings to Manhattan in the South Bronx. There where 2 main reasons for its demise. First of all, the population density of Westchester County did not grow fast enough to support it. Secondly, it left you nowhere.  You still had to take a subway into Manhattan.


There are many remnants of this road alive today: bridges, old stations, trestle remnants, etc.  One the I had never seen was the "shrine to  the NYW&B" in the Food Court of the Galleria.  I made it there this past summer.


Here are some links for further reading:





By the way, my interest in this railroad stems from high school.  From 1967-71 I regularly road the Dyre Avenue subway to Cardinal Spellman High School. I was always curious as to why the stations where so different from the rest of the IRT system.  I discovered why in the 80s......the Dyre Avenue subway was the Bronx part of the NYW&B that was taken over.












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Chuck, the NH's ROW was already in place and they were side by side from New Rochelle on up

In New Rochelle, the Thruway eventually took over what was the ROW. I'm not sure about Larchmont, Mamaroneck, Harrison, Rye or Port Chester.  Someone may know and can comment. One day I should go over historicl topographic maps and see for myself.


In Larchmont Gardens the station became the local Girl Scout headquarters.  I believe the Port Chester terminus is a car dealership.


Skip, aka NYC Fan, is also a big fan of this RR. Skip, if you're out there, anything more on Chuck's question?



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When I was a kid we often went toWilson’s pool, a municipal swimming pool inMount Vernon,NY. We would take the bus and get off atSouth Columbus AvenueandBeechwood Avenue. The walk alongBeechwood Avenueruns parallel to the New Haven Railroad. Along this walk we could see this high concrete abutment that had supported a viaduct for the NY Westchester & Boston Railroad. Looking up fromBeechwood Avenuetoday the site looks the same as it did 60years ago.


This viaduct at one time crossed over at high level a few streets and connected the NY Westchester & Boston Columbus Avenue station to theEast Third Streetstation.  At this time in the early 1950s all the steel work for tracks, bridges, viaducts, and centenary had been removed. I believe it was all used as scrap for the war effort.


When we saw this massive concrete structure and the walls of this station, it had to be explored. So we made our way to the right of way and explored the structure. The platforms, track bed, stairways, and a platform connecting tunnel that went under the four track mainline were all still in existence and in pretty good shape.  At this time in the early 1950’s the railroad was not been operational for about 13-15 years.


I remember noticing the concrete duct work that carried cables between the tracks and walking through the under track tunnel that allowed crossing from one platform to the other. Boy was it scary. So being inquisitive young boys we had to continue our journey along the track bed to the next station,East Lincoln Avenue. This was north of theSouth Columbus Avenuestation and was also in pretty good shape. I do not remember exploring that station. It has been long gone and now is the site of apartments.  


BetweenSouth Columbus AvenueandLincoln Avenuethe four track main line split in two. Two tracks continued toWhite Plains,NYand two tracks toPortchester,NY. At the split for thePort Chesterbranch there exist two concrete abutments for a bridge that crossed over a local street and one that supported a viaduct over theHutchinson River Parkway. I frequently pass theHutchinson Parkwayabutment and am afraid I may get into an accident by looking at it while driving.    


I suggest that you check out the web sites about this railroad that are in the previous posts on this subject.

I never realized that my MU fit so nicely into the Put Division somewhere.


100_0684 [1024x764)


DEvotion shown on my wall control display.

100_0686 [1024x764)

Where does this fit. It is a picture of NH along Tremont Ave. by Parkchester with same kinds of paragraphs.


NH Catenary


Or this pic I found somewhere when planning my catenary.


cat001 [2)


My Catenary System build process is here.




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Since you mentioned the Putnam Division and MU cars, don't forget the lower end of the Put was electrified with third rail at one point. It was used by electric cars running to Yonkers via the Getty Square Branch which left the main at JS Tower in Van Cortlandt Park. Service on the branch ended in 1943.


There have been several NYW&B books released over the years. A true gem is "Forgotten Railroads Through Westchester County" authored by Messers Bang, Frank, Kowanski and Vondrak. The book has a 50+ page chapter on the NYW&B. The text is extremely well written and informative. It is accompanied by numerous drawings, maps, reproductions of memorabilia and the best NYW&B photographs I've ever seen.   



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Great information.I never knew of this railroad till I looked at this post.As a kid growing up  my grandparents lived on Mamaroneck Avenue just a short distance from the Gedney Way station.We would walk down the block to a small playground and I would notice the overpass and remnants of the right of way.This was in the mid 60's and all traces of the rr were gone but I knew it was a former right of way .The area under the overpass was a parking area.Lots of great information,Got lost on all the links for over an hour then saved it too my favorites for future reference.Thanks.


          John K


PS:taken anything for your York fever?


Here are some books on the subject.  I recommend them all......but the one with JP Morgan on the cover primarily covers the financial analysis with minimal railroad discussion.


I agree with CNJ 3673. I highly recommend Forgotten RRs through Westchester County for a solid overview of Westchester County railroading.







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In a recent ERA NY Division Bulletin i added an interesting piece of trivia regarding the NYW&B. I would like to share it with this forum as well. When i was a little boy my father took me somewhere in the Southeast Bronx. As the trolley car passed the abandoned decrepit station on Westchester Ave. (it was bad even then) I asked him what that building was. He told me that it was a station on the old New York Westchester & Boston Railroad. He also informed me that the railroad never made it to Boston and the people in the neighborhood  referred to it as the New York Westchester & Back. I mentioned this to the late Roger Arcara many years ago and a smile came on his face as he told me he had not heard of this for many a year. I did not want this information to be lost.


Nate.....that is an architectural gem that is fading away. You can catch a glimpse of it as you take Amtrak to/from Boston.  In the South Bronx, the NYW&B shared many stations with the New Haven's Harlem River line.  Except for the decaying Westchester Avenue Station, and the station building at Hunt's Point Avenue, the NYW&B's remnants in the South Bronx are pretty much gone.  In the north and central Bronx, they live as the Dyre Avenue subway (as I said).


As an aside, the New Haven ran local service on the Harlem River Line until the early 30s.  There are station platform remnants near Van Ness (close to where the electrical engine service facility was. The large service building is easily seen from the Cross Bronx Expy).  The Morris Park station building can be seen (near St. Raymond's Church). The Eastchester Road station remnant can be seen from Eastchester Road.


Along Tremont Avenue, across from Parkchester, Between Unionport Road and St. Raymond's was a NH freight yard where we would buy Christmas trees off the boxcars in December.



I think its rather interesting that the Stillwell design car was supplied to the Westchester while New Havens initial electric cars were a much differrent design with open platforms. When the New Haven gained control, the Stillwell design for the Westchester was modified to accommodate the 11000volt AC supply system and the quill drive motors. One could ask also why Stillwell designs were not used on the New Haven as well? Seemed like a more modern looking car with closed vestibules.

Originally Posted by bluelinec4:
Originally Posted by Alentown:

Speaking of being with Yankee idols, my daughter surprised me with a trip to meet one of mine!
Richardson Chuck Cristina

Hey Chuck

Just noticed this  Is that Bobby Richardson?   Does the scoreboard at the museum say BAllantine on the bottom?

Hi Ben,

Yes, that Richardson. My daughter knew he was among my favorites. So when she got the email from the museum she reserved a spot at the book-signing session for me.

I dont recall if the scoreboard had the Ballantine logo, but since it shows the Longines it just might.

Hey John K,

Thats where we live now! I live right off Gedney Way and drive the overpass everyday! My father is the director of Operations for the City of White Plains and he had the right away designated as a greenway so it could not be developed as he is a fan of the NYW & B. We have alot of artifacts from them, as the Gedney Coal Yard, which is across the street from Sam's, is city property. I have tie tacs, spikes and other stuff from it...

Originally Posted by Nate:

The NYW&B cars were produced in O scale along with Erie cars some years ago by CarWorks. If you search eBay or other sources they will eventually turn up. Every now and then the NYW&B cars turn up at the NYCMTA meet at Rutgers in October.

Happy hunting!


Hi Nate

I see the Carworks cars on ebay all the time but at 400 a pop I think I will wait for somebody to do them in ABS   The Transit show falls on a bad weekend this year  Same as York

One former NYW&B MU is reportedly still extant in Peru. The car has been modified from its original appearance; however, the heritage is unmistakable. Photos of the car can be seen toward the bottom of the page linked below:


Among the modifications are removal of the center door.


There have been discussions within preservation circles concerning getting the car back home.





If any of you are interested in meeting Bob Bang who has authored 2 books on the NYW&B Railroad and also the book Forgotten Railroads of Westchester County, NY we should be meeting with past and present railroad employees at his home in Greenwich, CT towards the end of April. Let me know and I will tell Bob if you can make it to his home.


Ed G. (Along The New Haven Line of Metro-North and Amtrak in New York State)


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