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Put the old pinstripe down where you want the line. Then put down blue painter's tape or green frog tape (I like the frog tape better) on either side of the pinstripe tape. Peel off the pinstripe tape and press the inside edges of the blue painter's tape or frog tape firmly down and then paint the vacant stripe with the paint pen.

Shouldn't have any bleed through, although street and parking lines aren't perfect anyway.

You may have to wait until the first one dries completely before doing the next one, depending on your line spacing.



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I’ve been using the Hanger 9 Ultrastripe as well as Woodland Scenics paint pens on 80 grit emory paper and black craft board.  The ultrastripe is a little wide for lane dividers, but good for the wider stripes at stop signs and RR crossings.  The WS paint pens work great on 80 grit emory paper, but the tip does wear on that surface.  The Ultrastripe sticks so-so on the emory paper.  The paint in the WS pen soaks into kraft board so you have to put on several coats.

What paint pens are you using Mike?  The width looks better than the WS pens.

Hi guys, thanks for all the information! Joe, I am to cheap to spend $4-6 for storm grates or manhole covers. I guess I will have to try and scratch build them.

Pete, great looking roads!

Richie, I think your town needs a little more tax revenue! LOL

Here is what I came up with today, As I stated before I am very heap and if I can scratch build it I will give it a try. Well I got some foam core board down and some white lines and yellow. You might be able to tell, but they are  not pinstriping. The white is left over from my control diagram that I had printed up cut into 1/8" strips and the yellow was some yellow duck tape that I did the same with. When your on a small budget, you do what you have to do! LOL


Hope you all enjoy!


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I used white auto pinstripe tape on my painted control panel and had the same issue.  Good ol' Elmers white glue solved the problem.  I recall I had to just let the glue start to dry a little and pushed down on the pinstripe and it lasted for years.  Prior to that, the pin stripe would stay in place for a little while and then slowly start to fall off.


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