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I have a zephyr three car consist -- I am uncertain whether this is the mark twain or pioneer zephyr, but I'm writing because the combine's truck (I think it's part cs-6501250174-p 4-WHEEL TRUCK / COMBINE / ZEPHYR) detached from the frame*** and I am trying to decide the best course of action.  If anyone has some guidance/experience/recommendations I'd be grateful:

  1. examine the trucks on the observation car cs-6-38847 and powered engine cs-6-38846 and find the  part to reattach it myself;
  2. find a local hobby shop that knows Lionel and has done this sort of work before; OR
  3. send it to Lionel for service (it is not under warranty, as I purchased it used)


*** (I'm using this schematic to identify the parts)

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