Pipe Burst at LaQuinta in York

I just got an email from Kasandra at the LaQuinta Inn in York.   A pipe burst and several rooms including the one I had booked are unavailable.  Any one know of any of the hotels in York that might have a room available for Thursday night?

Neal Jeter

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The hotel is less than 2 years old.

Marty Eibeck

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I have stayed at this LaQuinta in April 2017 and October 2016.  It's a nice hotel.  Hard to believe that a pipe burst in a fairly new motel but things happen.  The girl at the front desk said several rooms were unavailable and they had no other rooms that weren't already booked.

Lionlman posted:

Just talked to Kasandra and she said five to six rooms were affected by the burst pipe.  Could you ask at the front desk just to verify their story and post their response here?  Thanks

Neal Jeter

Neal ... I asked the young lady at the desk this morning if she knew "about the pipe bursting" in the hotel.  She did not.  

Now, I have to say that that probably means everything - OR - nothing as she could well have been out of the "loop".

My only thought is that maybe the LQ had an opportunity to sell the rooms for four nights (instead of your two) and decided to do so.  Second thought:  Pipes actually did burst - but I haven't seen evidence of that.

Good luck in the hotel search.




If you guaranteed your reservation with a credit card, request that they need to find you a replacement room nearby - if you didn't show up, you know that they would charge you!  Complain up the chain of command until you get satisfaction.     

I agree with several of the previous comments - this sounds fishy.  They should be working more proactively to get a room for you.

For future reference, this is why it's good to book either directly through the hotel or with their loyalty program and guarantee with a credit card (and maybe you did) - more leverage than dealing with a third-party aggregator.  Also, arrive early so that the "unavailable" rooms become someone else's problem.  

All else fails, be sure to leave a scathing review online.

If you are really stuck, try Carlisle or Lancaster - both are about 40 minutes from the fairgrounds, much cheaper, and probably have plenty of rooms.

I hope that LaQuinta comes through for you or that you stick it to them good.

I agree with the adding a scathing on-line review that's unemotional and straight to the point with the facts.

I have had a very good luck with LQ when there is something wrong.  Start with the York manager and go from there.

Harrisburg is another option to Lancaster/Carlisle.




I got a room at the Holiday Inn Express in New Cumberland twenty miles north of York on I-83.  When I checked in this evening the lady at the desk said that LaQuinta had sent them about twenty people so I am assuming they really did have a burst pipe. 

Neal Jeter 

Some of those refugees at the Holiday Inn came from the brand new Candlewood Suites which overbooked, or so they told the folks like us who showed up with reservations in hand. 

Candlewood did NOT offer to find us another place, because we chose to pay at the hotel they said they did not owe us anything.  Still have not heard an apology from our email sent weeks ago to the region manager.   

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