I have a question on how to join the Pittsburgh Independent Hi Railers. I am 14, will be be 15 in September, and I am interested in joining. I am confused, though. Are you guys related to TCA - Fort Pitt? I would assume not because "independent" is in your name. I have my own stuff, could I run it on the layouts that are set up? (for example, Kennywood) How can I contact you?

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Andy Hummell on the Forum is a member.  They also have a Facebook Page.  I think I would search for Andy if he doesn't find you first.  I know there are many other members but I don't know how frequently they are here.  Andy participates regularly.


I myself would love to join but my work schedule is still so goofy I'd probably miss 95% of the events.  Hopefully someday though.



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The best way is to come talk to us at one of our setups, like the Greenberg shows in Monroeville, where there will be a majority of members present.  We are not related to the Fort Pitt club other than that we have a common member between the two clubs (Matt).


I will relate your interest in joining at our next meeting.  In the mean time, keep an eye on our Facebook page (link is in my signature) for any setups before the November Greenberg show.


If you have any questions, feel free to ask.




I'm glad Andy found you so quickly.  I knew he would.  I am glad you are interested.  I have enjoyed their setups for a few years now, and have enjoyed visiting with the members at shows and online.  I'm like Marty E, in that I would like to join too, but living in Butler, know I can't until I retire.  I hope to meet you in November!


I am not a member nor do I live anywhere nearby, but I would like to wish you luck in getting together with the club and I hope you enjoy it. It is really great to see young people interested in the O gauge hobby and also here on the forum too. Good Luck!


You will find that the Pittsburgh Independent Hi-Railers are a wonderful group of gentlemen. They are very knowledgeable about the hobby and "O" Gauge trains. They are true model train lovers. They are some of the nicest people I got to know through this hobby. They will teach you a lot about trains. You take care and have a great evening.

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That's awesome Keith, I hope to meet you soon!

I hope to meet you, too, Michael!


I wish I had known about the last Greenberg show in Monroeville, now I have to wait a couple more months for a show. But, I guess that does save me money.

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