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"HONGZ" stands for HO scale, N scale, G scale, and Z scale.

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The other day l stopped at a thrift store and spotted a circle of plywood about two feet in diameter. I remembered l had found some flex track l had from when l was into HO scale when in middle school while cleaning up my work area. The track was bought for a project that l never did so might as well use it. I have been in O gauge for years now. A very good friend of my family has a son who is into trains and has some HO trains. He is about the same age as l was when l was into HO. While looking at the peice of plywood a idea popped in my head to build a small HO scale pizza layout for him. The plywood was $5 so l grabbed it. Its been years since working with flex track a question I have for the fourm is how to bend the flex track into a circle properly? I have spray painted the plywood with a coat of paint to get rid of the pink. Will try and work on the track this week.


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