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10 days ago I placed an online order for miscellaneous parts. Went on "My Lionel" today and nothing is visible in my "Parts Order History". Safe to assume I screwed something up and really didn't place the order??

I don't recall if Lionel sends confirmation emails, but I haven't rec'd one of those either. One last note, my CC has not been charged.

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Usually I get a "Hold" on my credit card when I order parts from Lionel's parts sale in November.  I ordered some parts after Christmas and they came about 10 days later.  I was able to track the progress because I ordered while signed in under "My Lionel".  I guess until you can get in touch with someone you might have to wait it out a little longer, unfortunately.

@Gary Marsh posted:

I also ordered parts about 2 weeks ago and haven't received they yet. I called Lionel on Tuesday and spoke with Aaron and he told me he had my orders but they are backed up still from the holidays and my parts should be shipped out this week. It was about an hours wait to get someone on the phone at Lionel.

When you call do you press 2 for customer service or 0 for operator?

So far about two hours on the phone this week and no one picks up no matter what number I try.


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