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My 027 door layout is nearing completion and I am in the stages of placing accessories and planning the wiring runs. I have a newer version of the Lionel 464 sawmill but was curious to how far back from the track it should be placed to still receive logs but not interfere with passing locomotives or cars. After doing some tests with an 027 steamer and a coal dump car (I don’t have a log dump car yet), I’ve settled on 1/2 inch from the edge of the log platform to the outer rail of the remote control track section. Does this look about right? Or should it go further back or bring it in a bit? So far I have the center of the remote control track lined up with the center of the log dump tray of the sawmill.


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I do not attach operating accessories permanently to the layout.  I find most of them need to be adjusted as to distance from the tracks and allow enough hook up wire to allow some movement.  That includes the Lionel 1273 Icing Station,Lionel 4-2300 American Flyer Oil Drum loader, and 464 Sawmill.

I also have used a coal dumping car to be able to dump logs to the high deck of the 464 Sawmill.

Recently, I have been using the Lionel cheap plastic 9000 series log dumping cars, with a couple of short air pump plastic tubing pieces to extend the ends of dumping end pieces to make them work.


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@OldSoul91 I agree with Charlie that you will want to maintain some flexibility.  In my opinion for the sawmill, you'll want it a little further back to give the car room to dump.  It almost looks like the platform is so close that it wouldn't allow the dump car to operate in it's full range.  A little trial and error should get you in the right spot.  It may be different spacing if you get a different log dump car - which speaks the flexibility mentioned by Charlie.

Do you have any other pictures of the layout? 

I have a postwar 3461 log dump car on its way, so we will see how it works with it. The only thing I have to consider is placement of the #65 yard lights that I would like to permanently mount behind the sawmill, I just need to move them far enough back to allow room for sawmill adjustment. Here’s a few pictures of my layout:



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Eventually an operating freight station will go in between the two maroon street lamps and another station platform on the opposite side between the mainline and log/coal spur. Still trying to figure out what can go next to the radio station and on the opposite end next to the sawmill (maybe an oil derrick, rotary beacon or operating water tower).

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