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i've been thinking about using a modified track plan from the guy who owns the Razorback traction co. for the NorthWestern Railway. there are a few extra crossover pieces i drew in on MS Paint mainly so a train on the outer loop can crossover all the inner tracks and be turned to run the opposite direction. the outer loop will be o-60 to accomadate the new lionel hiawatha. the hiawatha will be the only scale legacy piece and my other stuff will be traditional unless i find another scale piece to get. although getting that North pole hiawatha is gonna be very hard as i can't afford it right now so i guess i will have to pay the bmartz fee in ten years if i don't die or the world ends. although i am really excited to see the finished product and hope it has the french horn whistle and Santa. anyway here is the modified razorback track plan i am using for the NorthWestern Railway. sorry for the crudeness i'm not very good at MS Paint.

i really hope to start building this year but i won't hold my breath. i feel like i'm getting nowhere and then there is the fear of the future bogging me down. trying to get something done and finding help has been like pulling teeth.


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If you search the internet for SCARM, you will find that it is a free download, but you can only use it for "free" up to a set number of pieces of track, either 50 or 100 pieces.  Then, when someone attaches a plan created by SCARM to a post here, you just "right click" on the file and download it to your computer (Windows only, though).  SCARM will let you open any file, no matter how many pieces were used, but you will not be able to make changes and save them if the "free" piece limit is exceeded.


@prrjim posted:

that is an interesting plan.   However, I don't think  it can reverse the train back to same oval.   It will reverse the train from the inside to outside or vice-versa, but I don't think  you can reverse the train on the outer loop back to the outer loop.

That is correct, it cannot reverse onto the same track, and that is deliberate. The idea is that northbound trains travel on the outer track and southbound trains travel on the inner track. When a northbound train reverses direction, it becomes a southbound train and needs to be on the southbound track. If there were more room, there would be crossovers so one train could pass another train. The small size requires that either you have crossovers or you have reverse loops. You cannot have everything in a small layout.

@paigetrain posted:


how much dollars in fast track is that and can i take this plan to my hobby shop and get the track i need?

Double turnaround with 45 X for 2 mainline.scarm

Parts List

List contents: All parts in the project

13501 3/8" hRBOLionel12Half roadbed
36‑12015O36 45°OLionel2
46‑120205" UncOLionel2Uncoupler
66‑120254 1/2"OLionel2
76‑120261 3/4"OLionel6
96‑12043O48 30°OLionel12
126‑12056O60 22.5°OLionel24
136‑12059BmpOLionel2Bumper, wood
146‑120731 3/8"OLionel16
156‑120741 3/8" noRBOLionel2No roadbed
166‑81946RT O36 R/COLionel2
176‑81950RT O60 R/COLionel2
186‑81951LT O60 R/COLionel2
Total:105Tracks count: 105

Note: The half roadbed and the no roadbed are included with the O60 switches and the 22.5 crossing.

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thanks guys for helping me

now i need the space and money to make it happen not only for the track but for the wiring, base 3 , ZW'L and the rest of the trains i need to complete my roster which will consist of 25 engines but as far as cars go i have no idea.

plus i need to upgrade my conventional engines to TMCC

I guess i need to start making a lot of money fast because some things i want for the layout aren't cheap and some i may have to really hunt for.

there are actually 5 other scale items i plan on getting for my layout roster

the AEC set and GP9B

the 2 special forces ES44AC's from 2022

Norfolk Southern 40th anniversary set

i'm essentually trying to build a dark themed layout inspired by the darkness of Batman , yes Santa is there and he carefully drives through the night as there are more naughty people than ever, and aliens, monsters and the underground societies of darkness

and there is a shimmer of hope as Fenix Starr the great female engineer with the help of Batman and Al Bowlly's ghost brings justice to the dark crooks and creatures of the layout.

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