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Tri State Toys in Chicago Ill produced these sets in the 50s.  This is one of the larger sets called "The New Yorker'.   Missing just about 12 pieces(see listing) and a few a broken on one side but still can be used.  Great for Grandkids or youngsters to build their own buildings.  I used these when I was a kid in the 50s!!  I have the original container, but no lid.  See pictures for contents.  There is also printed roofing pieces in green, see pictures.   There are also clear blocks, both full and half pieces.  

Contact through my email.  Shipping not included.  Actual count is 938.  I am missing one garage door,  2 stoop railings, 4 sidewalk pieces, and two small awnings, two window lintels, one side window and one roof block.  Please don't hold me to absolute exact numbers, I had these all organized and counted then my grandson discovered them last summer!!  There are no instructions either.


Pictures were taken at two different times. 062D44E7-2800-493D-B327-6C36EF04A24A_1_201_a28634B20-51D4-47D3-9644-C8FBC43812D5_1_201_a2EB483BC-4F28-4442-BFC9-E3A486FD27E4


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  • 28634B20-51D4-47D3-9644-C8FBC43812D5_1_201_a
  • 2EB483BC-4F28-4442-BFC9-E3A486FD27E4
  • 062D44E7-2800-493D-B327-6C36EF04A24A_1_201_a
  • 6328BFBF-6906-41B5-8D39-F68090D91A09_1_201_a
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