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I am installing a True Blast board and speaker into my K-Line GG1. can you recommend a glue which I can use to fasten the plastic speaker enclosure to the diecast body shell. I would rather use a glue instead of the supplied 2 sided tape so that it won't come unglued over time. Thanks

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@D500 posted:

Walthers "Goo" (not "Goop" - different glue).

Goo, I do believe, is permanent over geologic time. It's even ugly, as a truly good glue should be.

😁😁😁  Back when I was major "HO-ing", I found that Goo is "permanent"... until you needed to separate the pieces. It can be cut loose, and since it doesn't really penetrate, it (usually) won't scar the pieces. I once picked up some beautiful old Walthers passenger cars; some needed a few minor repairs, calling for the removal of some sides. A little careful knife work and patience and they were loosened and cut free. Interesting stuff...and still available, I think.

Mark in Oregon

Thank you everyone for your replies. Goo/Goop, hot glue, sticky, JB Weld and the tape itself are all represented. since I have the hot glue gun, I will try it first and test the adhesion. otherwise, I will order a tube of Goop (the majority recommendation). Thank you again, a great group!

@Gary P posted:

Silicone Sealer Adhesive works good, virtually lasts forever, can be removed later easily if necessary, and makes a good vibration stopper as it provides a gasket between the speaker frame and die-cast if both items aren't perfectly flat and make solid contact all the way around.

All that, and it gives off acetic acid during the curing process.          j

I suggest  E6000

E6000 glue is clear and flexible and very strong.  When dry it is hard to cut with a sharp knife.  It is a better glue than the old Goodyear Pliobond rubber type glue of old and out lasts it for gluing on shoe soles.  Also it is available at Walmart (lowest cost), HD, Lowes, Hobby Lobby and all local hardware stores.  It is my got to glue for the characteristics above.


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