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Beautiful thread of information - thank you.  In the early 50's we had a 44' long train table loaded with Plasticville, I think we had just about every building available at the time.  Today, many still reside on the current train table, some have been repainted but not all.

QUESTION: Have any of you ever seen a plastic Army Barracks.  It was originally dark brown with a yellow roof and doors, but was repainted to match actual  barracks (of which many are still standing).  Here are a few photos from different angles and I hope someone recognizes it.  It did have very small army figures, played with and lost of course. 20210707_10080620210707_10074520210707_100806


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  • 20210707_100745
  • 20210707_100806

Pete, I love the little black coupe being worked on in front of the garage.

Is that a stock model or has it been customized in some way?


What is the source of that GULF sign? There was one on the Gulf station in the Northwood Shopping Center in Baltimore. The last time that I drove by a few years ago, it was still there, mostly intact but not functional. It is now a BP station and the sign is gone.

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