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im jumping in here because I came across a really nice PV corner store that’s missing the marquee sign that attaches to the roof. Also just got a really nice marbled brown switch tower. That’s missing one gray marbled door, dark brown marbled smokestack and the two marbled brown PLASTICVILLE JUNCTION signs. If anyone out there has these parts, let me know. Tough parts to find, especially for the corner store. Pretty certain that was never a repro part. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!


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Lana Wakefield in the Tulsa area may be able to help you.  wake1948  at gmail dot com.  

Good luck!   


It's crackers to give a rozzer the dropsy in snide!


Remember, SCROUNGE!

You might have to pick up another building of the same kind so it can be a parts donor for the buildings you have now.  Train shows often have Plasticville junk boxes under the tables or in plastic baggies on the tables, or you might be lucky and find something cheap on eBay.

Good Hunting!


try this site

PLASTICVILLE - Tandem Associates

www.tandem-associates.com › plasticville › plasticville
A comprehensive site about Plasticville U.S.A. including information about available parts, and other sources of information concerning Plasticville buildings , ...

Tandem was the first place I looked and the marbled items are not there. If it comes down to buying another switch tower, I may try flea markets and train shows as mentioned to see if I can get one cheap. The hunt is on!

If you are going to York there are at least 3 places I can think of.....

Purple Hall: Neely’s Train Shop......huge number of “junk boxes” to rifle through..... you could get lucky.....

Orange Hall:

East Coast Collectibles......near the southeast corner of the Hall

....and then another one at the northeast corner of the Hall.....sorry, I cannot remember the name.....

Both vendors have loads of Plasticville, both kits and parts for sale.



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