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There's nothing wrong with plasticville.  The coaling station and the signal bridges are in my opinion scale sized.  Also some of the town buildings can be used in the background.  I have 2,the police station and the fire house I am using for small warehouses and offices.


I cover the windows with a translucent plastic,  add lights  and repainted the exterior to my liking.

My son added lights to the signal bridge and wired them with a relay so they will change aspects based on track occupancy.


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Bob, you will find it relatively plentiful and affordable, even with all the details and boxes, at local hobby shops and train shows; and very user friendly.

I originally intended the expansion to have a custom made Lionel Factory and a 2 stall engine house. However. those items turned out to be too big, while Plasticville was just the right size for my expansion.  Arnold

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