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Having some fun trying to incorporate Youtube train audio into clips of the rr. This was done with software I downloaded

titled Blaze Media Pro here Lets you lay over any audio though it takes a little work to match up the time of the audio with vid. You get a 15 day free trial.

The video used for the clip is here . Whats cool are all of the atmospheric sounds that come with a passing train. All of the creaks and groans....not sure how this could be done with current sound systems.....interesting though....


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Hi Don, I write sound scripts for the MTH sound engineer Roy.

I had some friends in S.I. do up the S-2 voices.

Brian MCD4X4, Chris and Mattie (OGR forum members)NJHR.

I had them do up a bunch of sounds that I may post when I have time.


I just completed the scripts and MP3’s for the new MTH 1964 LIRR WF RS-1 passenger diesel. If they pass the legal dept, it will be implemented.

It will be packed using the new Proto Sound “3” format.

More memory space this time!


Dennis, the layout module diagram is posted on my album site along with some new car pics as well.

Photo’s here -


Happy Railroading!

Back at it….




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