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I purchased this for the princely sum of $14 last week at an auction.                                         It was labeled as a “custom turntable”   It’s 30” long, the sides appear to be 4 separate pieces of aluminum (or some non magnetic pot metal) screwed to a plywood deck. 
Underneath is an indexing solenoid with detents about every 1/4 inch.  You can also see where the motor would have resided.   It’s quite heavy, and appears to be a kit, or machined by a pro.  Any ideas?




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@hold*on posted:

What pictures you post show the bridge segment of a turntable which was made by RWM Manufacturing Co in Pottstown, PA. in the early 1970's.  Mr Mensch adapted an Alliance Antenna Rotor to turn the table. I bought mine at York in 1973 and have the installation and wiring instructions if you want to have more information.  It's always worked terrifically


Thanks for the info HOLD*ON, very informative & quite interesting.   It never made it far from home, the auction where I purchased it was about a mile from Pottstown, PA!

I’d love to have any information you have on it, especially the installation and wiring instructions.    
Thanks again!


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