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The title kinda says it all. If you honor our great county and those who have fought or otherwise contributed to make it what it is by celebrating with the running of special consists during holidays such as today, Flag Day, Independence day, Veteran's Day, etc. please post photos or videos of your special Patriotic trains for all here on the forum to enjoy.

God Bless America and those who've served and serve today to keep us Free!

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Great Thread! All the patriotic trains are fantastic.

As we celebrate today; lest not we forget what our forefathers went through to give birth to our beautiful country. There have been many after them that gave their lives to keep our country great.

I ran my Post War Navy Alco # 224, which was assisted by NWS Earle Beep moving a load of weapons and supplies from NWS Earle to the docks in Brielle, NJ.


The only pictures I have of a Patriotic "consist" were from a National Tracker Show we had in Fairfax a few years back.  It is of MTH's fake American Freedom Train (MTH just took their generic passenger set and painted them in AFT colors).  It is pulled by MTH's Freedom Train PA ABA set.  The lead PA is a very good representation of the real FT PA.  While not a model of a real consist, this train was a real crowd pleaser that got a lot of attention when it ran.


Sometimes I would pulled the cars with MTH's PRR scale GG1 in Bicentennial colors.  This engine never existed because the Pennsy was long gone by the Centennial celebration, but like the cars it sure is good looking.


I tried to take the photos while the trains were running  - bad idea.  They all came out blurry.  The next time I run them I'll take better pictures.


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Happy 4th of July!  This is a K-Line 13 Colonies train running on the G&O.  It is about 15 years old.  The cars in the train are arranged in the order that each colony ratified the Constitution.  This makes a pleasing alternating blue and red roof top train.  Each car has the signature of the state delegates who signed the Constitution on the car door plus other information about the state such as the state's bird.  This is one of my favorite trains.  NH Joe

The engine is a K-Line Spirit of 76 RS-2 with TMCC.


The cars below are arranged in the order that the colonies ratified the Constitution.  Reading backwards from Right to Left they are: 

1. DE, 2. PA, 3. NJ,


4. GA, 5. CT, 6. MA,


7. MD, 8. SC, 9. NH,


10. SC, 11. NY, 12. NC,


13.  RI.  The caboose is a UP 1943 celebrating the B-17 that the UP employees raised the money to build during WWII.


These photos were taken July 4, 2019.  The G&O did not operate its annual 4th of July celebration this year because of the pandemic.  



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