please share photos of your layout lights

Would like to see pics of layouts with a lighted scenery elements (bridges, street lights, beacons, buildings, crossbucks, etc).  The more the better.  Less room/ambient lighting is also good.  Thanks!

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A couple of quick clips of my layout in action with LIGHTS! I just added a Geo Bush loco (number 4141) in honor of The First Lady! I am still at work on my road, so you will see the underlayment still exposed. Scenery will come soon, as well as a second level in the back of the table (where I going to put my collection of Dept 56 buildings). 


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Videos (3)
A slighly longer clip of my layout in action
Quick Clip of the Geo Bush 4141 Loco Purchased May 2018
Quick Clip of the UP Loco and the Geo Bush Loco May 16 2018

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