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I have a PM-1 that I wish to power using a Z-1000. A couple of questions.

1. Will the Z1k and PM-1 play well together? Do they sell adapters to just attach the Z1k brick directly to the PM-1 or do I need to use the Z-troller and attach the red/black wires. Would be nice to bypass the ztroller if possible just for the sake of a cleaner install.

2. My above answer may change the following question if there is a different work around. But for now, does anyone have a the cord to connect the PM to a traditional tranformer (Lionel 6-12893) that that'd like to part with? By the time I pay shipping it's $30 for a simple cable. Please let me know if there is a better option.

3. Can I make my own adapter using this if necessary? I don't have the crimp tool but with needle nose and solder I'm confident it would work assuming this is the right size.

I'm taking my first step into remote conventional operation. I recently hooked up one loop with a PM-1 powered by a lionel 135 brick and it works great. I have a second PM-1 that I'd like to attach to my second loop which is what this thread is about.

Thanks - Rick

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You can indeed make the cable with the connectors you linked, those will work fine.  You'll even have spare connectors.   I don't know of any "off the shelf" adapter for the task.


I thought it was not a good idea to go through two controllers, here the Z-1000 controller then the PM, where both chop the sign wave to control voltage.  If the first one (Z-1000) stays at maximum I guess that would work, but your photo shows it set less than maximum (18 volts?) meaning it is sending a chopped sign wave to the PM, which chops it again.  Also, if the Z controller is set at maximum it can produce 20 volts, that is more than TMCC likes (19 volts) although probably not a big deal since Lionel PW transformers could produce 21 volts and are used to power PMs.

I have two Z-1000 bricks for accessory power, but I have not used them for track power.  Hopefully someone will address this since I like your setup and hope it is good.

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Thanks for the replies fellas. I do intend to bypass the controller but that plug didn't come in the mail yet. In the mean time I cranked the power all the way on the z1000 and measure 18v at the rails.

Regarding the chopped wave. I understand the concept and have watched videos. What's the real world implications in my case? Is it safe to run or more a performance issue?

Thanks very much - Rick

For a final follow up. Here is the finished product and it works great. The low speed performance gains without the additional MTH controller were obvious as soon as i apllied power with a dual motor williams on the track. 20210205_06005420210205_060207

Here is what I used, just cut off the male end. There are a lot out there but harder to find one with 18ga wires which matches the 18ga output on the z1k brick.

Screenshot_20210205-062133_Amazon Shopping


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  • 20210205_060054
  • 20210205_060207
  • Screenshot_20210205-062133_Amazon Shopping
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