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I’m glad to see they have a purchase limit of 1. I’d like to see as many Pokémon fans as possible get one before the scalpers ruin it for fans around the world. Having caught my own fair share of Pokémon over the years, I think they did a nice job with the art. Not going to buy one, but cool to see.

@RamblerDon posted:

Not sure if anyone else saw this. Looks like an exclusive to the online store. Full disclosure, I ordered one.

Some of these sets that are exclusive to brands are most likely only offered by that brand's store so I suspect Lionel wouldn't advertise or promote it.

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@KOOLjock1 I don't think they ever had trains on the show. Some of the games have featured trains for transportation though.

@MartyE It appears to be an exclusive to them. I'd just suspect that as popular as Pokemon is right now they'd want to get the word out on these. It would also fit the push for the "Fandom" Lionel seems to be chasing as of late. Which I believe you are familiar with... btw congratulations on winning the contest!

@ByronB The 1st thing I noticed was that limit of 1. A guy I work with who spends all his money on Pokemon told me that scalping is really bad right now. Being an off and on toy collector I can also attest to how bad that is lately. PS5 anyone?

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